New song out now!

They’re gonna catch me
They’re gonna figure out
That I’m not one of them
And I’m gonna show you
I know how it ends
I knew from the beginning

Chest burns as questions swirl
Like dusty beliefs in the gust of a desert
Dying fruit from answer trees has dried up with the leaves

Life doesn’t make no sense
Oh what a mess it is
Left to guess again

Lift your eyes to mine

Stepping stones of words that I will sing to you my love
To show how far you’ve come
and guide your way to home
I’ll guide your way to home

Until you see yourself
Until it makes you smile
Take my hand and use my eyes for awhile

Lift your eyes to mine

I believe December waits for you
Winter ghosts that grace us
Listening to tales that we will tell
of how they used to chase us

Lift your eyes to mine

Words and music by Alex Ruimy